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Oh boy, do babies change everything.

As a first-time mom, I didn’t fully know what motherhood entailed until I had Maddie. Motherhood is full of changes, for both Maddie and me, and I wanted to share just a few of the myriad changes that I’ve experienced in the past 20 months of being a mom.

First, I never knew that my body was capable of running on such little sleep. I’ve been amazed over and over again at what the human body is capable of. Being a mom is really a super power of its own. I’ve gone from needing at least 9 hours a night (I know that’s a lot) to being able to function on just a few (with the help of bottomless coffee, of course.)

Second, I was surprised at how quickly my bathroom became my sanctuary. Ever since having Maddie, I find myself running to the bathroom for much needed breaks throughout the day whenever I feel depleted. I take a minute to pray, to practice some deep breathing, to cry, or to stuff a cookie or two. Maddie has changed my bathroom breaks into sanity checks.

Next, laundry has become a full time job. Maddie instantly changed two loads of laundry into four (or five… or six). In fact, I’m currently staring at my remaining loads as I write this post. #momlife

And last but not least, making Maddie smile has become my greatest pursuit. Before having Maddie, my pride was often defined through my career and relationships. Being a mom has changed her happiness into my proudest accomplishment.

Throughout these changes, Carter’s Original Bodysuits have been a staple in Maddie’s wardrobe.

I don’t know about your little one, but Maddie absolutely hates getting her face covered while being changed. So, the expandable shoulders feature on Carter’s Original Bodysuits was the solution I was looking for. Another feature that I love are the nickle-free snaps on reinforced panels. Maddie is an active one, whether awake or asleep, and her tops would always end up rolling up. The snaps on Carter’s onesies prevented this from happening, no mater how much she moved around. And now with the launch of their Little Baby Basics collection, I was able to stock up on these incredibly sweet bodysuits to wear throughout the summer!

And here’s my favorite dress + cardigan set from the new collection! The dress comes with nickle-free snaps on reinforced panels and with a cotton cardigan that can be easily worn over the dress. 

Are you in love with the new collection yet? I’m attaching a coupon for all of you to use when you shop Carter’s Little Baby Basics collection! The collection includes all the essentials for babies from 0-2 years of age, so be sure to check it out! Happy Monday, friends!

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  1. Kelly says: Reply

    Bodysuits are a lifesaver with littles!! Carter’s were always a staple for
    us too ❤️

  2. I love this new collection from Carter. I got some bodysuits and pants from the basics and love them.
    I think it’s perfect for home. The bodysuit and pants are comfy and let him move freely. I love the ones you got for you little princess! They are so cute 💕
    Aurelie | http://www.surface85.com

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