Mama’s Gotta Have Fun, Too! 10 Must Have’s for Going Out With a Baby

I’m an outdoor enthusiast, so I began taking Maddie out on “adventures” (more like simple coffee runs in the beginning) since she was 2 weeks old. Our first major adventure was an international one, and it was to Paris when Maddie was barely 6 months old. And then came yet another adventure to Italy for her “first birthday.” (Yes, I’m one of those moms on the plane. You may #judgeme.) Since then, I’ve been itching to take Maddie to the city to continue our adventures. And with the perfect temperatures this week, I decided to brave a trip to the Big Apple with my best friend and her 3 month-old baby. (Yes, we’re kind of crazy. You may #judgeus.)

On Monday, we took our two babies to New York City and lasted 8 long and proud hours, all with the help of amazing motherhood on the go products. Although this is not even close to a complete list, I wanted to do a quick run down of 10 items that my best friend and I carried in our diaper bags to enjoy a whole day of fun. I’ve also taken all of these items on my international trips and they were even more helpful abroad. I hope this gives you some new ideas for when you go out to enjoy the day with your little ones!

  1. Playtex Drop-ins! These are the best for feeding both at home and while you’re out. With the plastic drop-ins, you can squeeze all the air out of your milk before feeding. Second, these win in a landslide for cleanup. Throw out the drop in, wash the nipple, and you’re done with “bottle washing.” Third, these also win for feeding multiple times when you’re out and about. My best friend packed 3 clean nipples with multiple drop-in liners, and was able to feed her 3 mo. old three times without a worry.
  2. Totseat Travel High Chair Some restaurants have d i s g u s t i n g high chairs. So, I prefer to use this travel high chair on a regular adult seat. This high chair allows Maddie to sit at the table with us, while being secure in her *clean* seat.
  3. Dr. Brown’s Pacifier and Bottle Wipes  When you’re out, you don’t have access to running water and your baby’s dish soap whenever you need (which is every other minute). These wipes are incredibly convenient for cleaning pacifiers and bottle parts without having to look for a sink.
  4. Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller This is a much affordable alternative to the Uppababy’s G-Lite Stroller. Priced at $61 on Amazon, this is one of the best purchase my husband and I made to date. The stroller weighs 13 pounds and has a full recline– perfect for Maddie to nap on the go.
  5. Boon Squirt Baby Food Dispensing Spoon This is a handy product for traveling with babies on solids. You can fill the container with baby food and feed anywhere.
  6. Munchkin Snack Catcher Maddie is a big snacker, so we always need to pack a few snacks before leaving the house. The lids are spill proof and have flexible plastic covering that allows Maddie to stick her hand in to grab what she wants without everything falling out.
  7. Medibag I don’t know about your toddler/baby, but Maddie is quite clumsy and falls from running around all the time. This is the perfect multipurpose first aid kid that fits in all of my bags and diaper bag.
  8. Munchkin Formula Dispenser This is the perfect container for moms who formula feed. It’s divided into three sections, all of which holds up to 9 oz. of powdered formula serving. For breast feeding moms, I recommend the QAQADU breast feeding cover scarf, which also works as a baby car seat canopy.
  9. Munchkin Hot Inflatable Duck Safety Baby Bath Tub Obviously this isn’t for your local trips, but every mom should know about this product. We used this inflatable bath tub during our Paris and Italy trip, when Maddie was able to sit up but wasn’t quite stable or big enough to occupy an actual bath tub. This tub allowed us to continue our bed time routine while being away from home. This also inflates and deflates easily, and takes up almost no space in your luggage. If you’re going somewhere overnight, this is a must. You’re very welcome 🙂
  10. Skip Hop “Forma” Diaper Backpack THE BEST diaper bag. AND it’s on sale on Amazon. Enough said.


And that is all, folks! Hope you all get to go out and enjoy the sun this weekend!


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  1. that duck tub is literally one of my faves! Sebastian LOVED it when he was little!

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